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I'm 61, normal weight, no other health problems other than pernicious anemia(B12 def) and a bit of arthritis. I exercise 5 times a week doing strength and aerobics. I had my lipid panel done last week and my neurologist wants me to take a "statin" to lower my cholesterol. I don't think I need to because I could probably lower it with getting off this carmel machiatto drink I have everyday from Starbucks even if it is non fat milk!
My panel read
LDL 183 under 100 is ideal
HDL 67 above 60 is ideal
Trig 66 below 150 is ideal
Total Cholesterol is 262
my heart disease risk is 2.8 if I remember correctly.
I don't see these numbers as being all that bad and need drugs when I may be able to pull it off with more diet change.
I think he is over reacting or else I'm in denial! I would hate to take a statin just because one number is a bit high, while the other numbers are excellent really. Am I in denial?

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