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As I posted as part of another thread here, my HDL has been at or below 25 for quite some time. I've seen this at each of my last 3-4 annual work-sponsored "wellness exams" but just recently had my GP test my cholesterol levels (in February) to "confirm".

Here's what we've done so far to attempt to bring the HDL levels up. I've been exercising 30 minutes daily at 60-70% of max HR since February 1 and plan to work up to 45 minutes daily over the next several months. I've been on Simvastatin since February and Trilipix since mid-March. I've lost weight to the tune of 25-30 pounds since early February, but I'm still categorized as "obese" on the BMI scale. The weight continues to come off at a rate of 2-3 lbs per week with exercise and portion control.

My HDL has not gone fact, it has dropped from 25 to 20! Is this a side effect of the sustained weight loss and will it go up once my weight is stable? How long do I give the Simvastatin and/or Trilipix before I ask to try Niaspan? Lovaza?

To be fair, it's only been 2 months on the statin (with good reduction in LDL and Total Cholesterol) and only 1 month on the Trilipix (with no further reduction in Triglycerides nor raise of HDL) and I'm also taking L-Carnitine and Ubiquinol per my doctor's suggestions to help offset any major statin side effects.

I just don't know if I should be patient and wait 6 months to see if the current approach pays longer-term dividends or if I should ask for a change in approach now (diet and exercise changes continuing).

Any thoughts?

Current readings:
TC - 136
LDL - 78
HDL - 20
TG - 190
Glucose - 93

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