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[QUOTE=rudiraven;3961624] If you subtracted your excellent HDL number (60) from your total cholesterol, 239-60=179. Just keep doing what you're doing. Of course, that's just my opinion and there may be others that disagree :) Take care of yourself.[/QUOTE]

Hi rudiraven,

Sorry, I fail to see how HDL deducted from TC produces any known medical formula in respect of cholesterol figures.

Barbara Ann,

Yes, unfortunately, your TC and especially your LDL are on the high side.
Although your TC/HDL ratio of 3.98 and your LDL/HDL of 2.68 places you in the average risk section (if you have no other cardiac risks.), at 62 where cholesterol levels have already risen anyway, you should look at getting the both sets of ratios lower, to place you in the low risk category.

By placing you on Zocor your doctor is aiming to lower the LDL (to reduce your LDL/HDL ratio), and is also looking ahead to your future years where Zocor can halt/reduce cholesterol plaque of the arteries. High levels of LDL can in some doctors opinions be a good sign of inflammation of the arteries being present. This can be proven with a C-reactive protein blood test.

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