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Hi, :)

[QUOTE]At the end of February I saw a Cardiologist who immediately doubled my intake of beta-blockers from 25-50mg daily and placed me on 40mg Simvastatin (Zocor), which by the way has superior positive study results in respect of Cardiac problems than Crestor, and at a lower dose. My cardiologist wants my LDL level below 1.6 mmol/L (61.9 mg/dl), where several studies have proven that this low level has shown to halt the growth of arterial plaque, and after thirteen weeks starts to reduce it's size.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for that information. I have not been told what level to aim for. What complicates my situation is a chronic kidney disease. It perpetuates the inflammatory processes and also effects the cardiac function. I still have a lot of reading to do. It seems to me that, rather than just one or two drugs from this class, the whole statin family of drugs has antiinflammatory properties, not unlike some mega-strength aspirin. What makes a difference to some people is that a couple of statins have actually been [U]proven[/U] effective in reducing inflammation in clinical trials. (evidence-based info) :)

[QUOTE]However, after six weeks on Simvastatin my levels went from normal to these, and I am far from happy with these low levels for reasons I'll mention below.

TC: 3.2 mmol/L (123.7 mg/dl)
LDL 1.6 (61.9)
HDL 1.2 (46.4) Lowest ever HDL reading.
Trig's: 0.9 (79.7)

Now, what to do?[/QUOTE]

Well, here are my numbers as of three weeks ago:
(Looks familiar?)

TC 3.4mmol/L (4.20-5.20)
LDL 1.93mmol/L (2.20-3.40)
HDL 1.13 (.90-2.40)
Triglycerides .93 (.60-2.30)

compared to the following levels two months ago:

TC 4.58
LDL 2.89
HDL 1.24
Triglycerides .98

[QUOTE]Well, I shall continue taking 40mg Simvastatin for two months, retest to see if the levels have decreased even more and then go to 20mg for two months and retest. Depending on the results I shall decide whether to stop taking Simvastatin, and start taking hawthorn berry tincture in addition to the 200mg COq10, 1.2g aged garlic and 8ozs pomegranate juice currently being taken daily.[/QUOTE]

I plan to do the exact same thing. The bottom line when deciding whether to continue with this therapy as prescribed are the often irreversible or fatal consequences of atherosclerosis and unstable plaque. Thanks for describing the effects of low cholesterol on the body. They sound almost as bas as those of blocked arteries. :( I feel that monitoring our progress (or the lack thereof) in fighting inflammation is our doctors' responsibility, as are any necessary dose adjustments.

I've been taking the same supplements as you for over two years now, with the exception of the hawthorn berry. My daily supplements include CoQ10, garlic, vitamins E and C and fish oil. I hope they've done some good. If you know of any other supplements thought to reduce inflammation, please share.

[QUOTE]Looks like you have been reading the same science papers as I have.
The latest thinking by the world's most respected cardiologists is that saturated fats etc. are not the cause of high cholesterol levels, but yes, as you said, by inflammation within the arteries.[/QUOTE]

I've done a lot of reading about inflammation, atherosclerosis and related issues. It is fascinating stuff. You are correct, inflammatory processes cause the initial endothelial dysfunction, which then leads to atherosclerosis, plaque deposition and resulting problems. For this reason, inflammation is what must be targeted in order to reduce one's risk of an adverse event.

Thank you so much for your input! It is so good to know I am not alone in this. Any recommendations?


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