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All of the symptoms you described are symptoms I had on it, burning pain, joint pain, muscle pain.. I would back off of the working out or you could do some real damage.. I also has leg and foot cramps at night and TENDON damage. People on statins have been known to rupture tendons while doing just about nothing.. I also had the cognitive impairment and that is what eventually woke me up that all my problems were the statin drug!

How soon to recovery? For each it is different.. I am 3 years off and still suffering with tendon damage pain. The cognitive impairment was gone within 24 hours of stopping the drug, cramps and a lot of the other problems gone in 24 hours.. The joint pain meds I stayed on for 2 weeks after I quit the drug out of fear... it was HORRIBLE pain, but I did quit the pain meds and no more joint pain either. I also discovered I had unbelievable energy that I hadn't had in years.. the drug had stolen that a snippet at a time so I didn't notice it was gone until it came back with a surge! For each it is different though.. Some people the effects leave right away, some people it takes a long time, some never fully recover... Be warned, your doctor will think when you quit the meds, all side effects go away and they don't! It also is not safe to just suddenly stop, you have to wean yourself off.

Sad to say that doctors do not admit statins even do this to people, much less know what to do about it. I have had to learn on my own what to do to recover as best I can. Some doctors are waking up but it's to few and it's only since so many have already been damaged. Mine wanted to put me on another statin, saying they all don't do that but I had educated myself and knew if I took another one, it would come back and probably worse than before. I PROVED to him I could lower mine without his darn drugs and my cholesterol IS hereditary.

You are obviously one of the many "FEW" of us that can not take this class of drugs if your problems are what they are so soon into starting them.

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