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Re: New numbers
Jun 4, 2009
The only other issue to consider is C-reactive protein. That may appear as HS-CRP on the report. And Lp(a) is a minor concern there, but you are borderline normal. I should also add statins do nothing at all for reducing Lp(a). To get that down, niacin, vitamin c, and some amino acids can be used. Maybe fish oil too, but I'm not certain.I'm still baffled why your doctor would want to put you on a statin with those numbers. Unless your C-reactive protein is sky high, I see no reason at all.[/QUOTE]

Nameless,Thanks for all the good information (others who responded as well)!

I don't see HS-CRP anywhere on the report. I don't know why that wasn't included but I will ask if it can be (included) next time around.

My doc did not want to put me on statins as he already knows I wouldn't take them, nor any other medication. He wanted me to increase the amounts of the natural substances I am already taking, namely RYR (I know some here do not consider this a good or natural product but I think it preferable to prescription statins). And I already have been taking Vitamin C, Flush Niacin and Krill oil for many years. My understanding is that fish oil lowers triglycerides, Niacin the HDL. I was taking L'Cartinine as well but stopped that about 6 months ago. Maybe I'll continue again per your amino acid suggestion if you think it might lower the Lp (a).

I think his expectation of getting my LDL below 80 is a bit unrealistic as well and this was his main concern with it at 105. I just wondered if anyone else had been given similar edicts about their numbers. My mother, father and sister have had bypass surgery and everyone else has high cholesterol which is being controlled by prescription statins. I think I'm in pretty good shape here, considering ....... ;)

Thanks again. The info. from you all has definitely helped me to decipher my results and put things in perspective.

Re: New numbers
Jun 4, 2009
I'm not sure you need the RYR even, but I suppose if your cholesterol was elevated before starting it, then perhaps so.

If going the statin route, I do like RYR a lot better than prescription forms. Although it may not be strong enough for everyone.

If you don't mind saying, what are the dosages of RYR, vitamin C, Krill, and whatever else are you taking now? I'm sort of jealous of that HDL of yours and wondering exactly how you got it so high. It's really amazingly good. I expect the Niacin is responsible mostly.

I think Pauling recommended Lysine and Proline for Lp(a). Niacin and vitamin C should help lower Lp(a) a decent amount too. You could just keep an eye on it, or perhaps up your vitamin C or niacin if you want.

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