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I wouldnt stop drinking alcohol , i think that will be a death sentence - infact people who drink generally have lower risk for heart disease and i dont mean from the stress reduction but the acohol its self is a fat solvent and generally acoholics have less plaque then the general population..not to say combined with bad eating habits and over weight and other bad lifesyle isnt a problme.. but i think ur asking for more problem if u stop maybe just cut back to 10 or less drinks per week.. also combining fish-oil with drinking will thin your blood - both have a thinning affect. so be careful if u have stomach ulcers as u could bleed out spontaneaously.. --- as for the triglyc level i would have it done fasting and non fastning before u panic.. and no i dont think numbers for a one time reading are horible and neigher is ur hdl.. i would say get anotehr test done - and do both fasting and non fasting.. some people jump when nonfasting and otehrs when fasting.. so take the lower of the two - to be more close.. your body does a wonderful job of manufacturing cholestoral when its not eating.. so ... again take your lowest..triglycerides will elevate in relation to your body manufacturing cholestorol

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