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Re: Test results
Jun 29, 2009
Previous LDL was probably around 132 if estimated by TC - HDL - TG/5, but that formula may be unreliable for high TG numbers.

HDL is usually raised by:

Increasing exercise
Losing body fat
Consuming saturated fat (but saturated fat usually increases LDL more, so it is usually not advised to increase saturated fat consumption)
Reducing polyunsaturated fat (try to prefer monounsaturated fat instead)
Avoiding trans-fats from hydrogenated oils (the worst fats -- they raise LDL and lower HDL)

On the exercise, you may want to increase the amount and intensity, and include some weight training to build and maintain muscle mass. More muscle means that you will have a higher resting metabolism (easier to lose fat), and, for a given weight, you will have less body fat (more healthy). While most people focus on weight, it is actually high body [i]fat[/i] that is unhealthy; it is possible to be what most people consider to be a "healthy weight" while still having more body fat (and less muscle) than is really healthy. At the other end, muscular athletes can be "overweight", but have low body fat and not have the usual risks of too much body fat.

Your triglycerides are still in what can be considered the high range; have you tried to reduce sugars and fast digesting carbohydrates as much as you can? Note that oatmeal is slower digesting than Cheerios(tm) and other dry cereals.

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