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When having my blood tested I consistently have good cholesterol levels yet have an above normal triglyceride level. [HDL = 41, LDL = 102, Total = 191; Triglycerides = 240]
Everything I read seems to indicate that a higher level of triglycerides usually indicates a problem with cholesterol also. What is the real answer for me. Is my triglyceride level something to be overly concerned with when considering my levels of cholesterol?
Yeah, it probably is a concern. High trigs usually mean small particle sizes which are dangerous.

Ask for a VAP test, c-reactive protein, homocysteine and vitamin D tests from your doctor. The VAP will show your particle sizes and also be much more accurate than the standard lipid test.

Reduce carbs: wheat products (bread/muffins/cookies), snacks, sugary foods and perhaps add some fish oil, and your triglycerides should go down.

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