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A little background before my question:

I had a heart attack in mid June, I am 47 Yo with the only risk factor of high Cholesterol ( other than being a male).

I had a stent placed in the ALD. My doctor prescribed 40Mg of Crestor and 500 Mg of Niaspan ( along with Plavix). I have always been an avid exerciser and have lost 32 pounds since November of last year.

My doctor is not a believer of any supplement but I take them anyway including 4000 MG of High quality Cod Liver Oil, CoQ10 and othes. I watch what I eat and am on a low carb diet.

My numbers 2 days after my heart attack

Total Chol 280
Trig 335
LDL 175
HDL 38

My numbers last week ( after 6 weeks)

Total Chol 85
Trig 87
LDL 36
HDL 32

My Doctor was rather amazed at the numbers!

With all that I asked my Doctor to decrease my dose of Crestor and increase my dose of Niaspan since I seem to not have any adverse effects from the Niaspan and really want to increase my HDL. While he did agree to cut the Crestor to 20Mg, he did not agree to increasing my Niaspan.

My goal is to do what I can to eliminate the Statin as I am nervous about the side effects. I have been having upper back pain but my doctor does not believe it is statin related.

Should I Further cut the Crestor and increase the Niaspan and see what happens? I have a blood test scheduled in 6 weeks.

Any advise will be appreciated!!

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