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I think for many of us it comes down to this-if your body can process statins without causing numerous side-effects, they may do you some good. Everyone is different and our systems change in many ways as we age. What we can tolerate at age 30 may not work for us when we hit 40 and so on. I personally feel that statins cause many more side effects than most doctors will admit to. Big pharma and the sales reps I'm sure make it all sound pretty good and I think they all start off with a dose that is too high. I think when your doctor says "we are going to start you off at 20mg or 40 mg (depending on what statin is being recomended )" is done so becuase it was recomended to them by the sales reps.

I took Lipitor for years with just mild digestive issues. Then, out of the blue, muscle pain, back problems, more serious digestive issues (that my doctor decided was GERD) kicked in. The fatigue was really pronounced and on going. I felt like I was "old"

Complaints to my doctor brought me a prescription to Nexium for the "GERD" and a different statin. This went on for years. I looked bad....a few of my very close friends wondered if perhaps I had cancer...and was becoming very ill-I lost weight.

I took it upon myself to stop taking statins and start trying to feel better. I started taking COQ10 and other vitamins. After a few months, I was feeling better-but certainly not 100% and I wondered if 100% would be attainable.

After about 1 year....I felt really , really good. The heartburn had stopped-so no more Nexium was needed. The muscle pain was gone and my strenght had come back. I was back to myself! It was a long road.....

So, I'm seeing and reading all of the media about high cholesterol .... and since I am feeling great, I figured I'd give pravastatin another drive the number down you know. One month went by and all was well. On the second month....the muscle pains are returning along with the indigestion and general tiredness. Oh no, not again............

For me, the jury is in. Statins are simply not going to work with my current system. The quality of life is worth something. So, I will continue my low-fat diet, I don't smoke and my weight is fine. No family history of cardiac problems, no high blood pressure and my numbers are not that bad.

229 total 129 LDL and 48 HDl at last test OFF statins.

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