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First post for me :)

I was diagnosed with familial hypertriglyceridemia at age 25, 5'10, 210 pounds. Fasting levels for my triglycerides were >1500. My doctor jokingly thought I had eaten a tub of butter before the blood draw.

Went through Tricor, Niaspan, various statins, miscellaneous over-the-counter remedies, other stuff I don't remember which made me nauseous or flushed red all over (the niacin), and I am finally stable on this at age 29:

Lovaza 4g/day (regular OTC fish oil never worked)
Simvastatin 80mg/day
Diet and exercise! (lost 30 pounds, stopped eating red meat, eating more fish, more vegetables, cutting out sugars)

Here are my last labs:

Cholesterol 109
Triglycerides 81
HDL 31
LDL 62

Things are excellent with cholesterol/lipids but I have developed emotional and mood problems since my early 20s which is pretty much when the cholesterol/lipid problems started.

No major event or trigger happened to bring on depression/anxiety and I had no problems in my teenage years when most mood disorders develop from what I understand. Normal happy life, went to college, graduated, working, and so forth, but my mood has deteriorated. I have recently started looking at how metabolic problems, such as hypertriglyceridemia, can cause some deficiencies in our bodies which can then cause mood disorders, anxiety, depression, and so forth. There are some studies out there that show a connection with decreased testosterone brought on by metabolic syndrome which then causes the mood disorders.

I am now taking Lamictal and Klonopin for major anxiety, depression, and mood problems and I don't feel like the meds are working. I was previously on Zoloft, Celexa, Effexor (which is a horrible medication unless you're going to be on it for life; the withdrawal was awful), Ativan, Ambien, you name it. None of it really worked, or it worked for a few months and then stopped. I am overly sensitive to a lot of things socially/emotionally and it is quite disruptive for work and life in general. I have decreased amounts of energy despite a healthy diet and regular exercise. I get frustrated easily and lose concentration and it just seems to be getting worse as I approach 30 which makes my anxiety even worse.

I saw my psychologist and they were surprised that I had not had complete blood work done to see if there are any problems before I was prescribed medication for anxiety. My first psychiatrist didn't care and just wanted to throw pills at me (which is why I don't see them any longer). I am now seeing someone who is interested in getting me off of the meds.

I had my thyroid checked (which is fine) and that's about it. Never had a complete blood count and haven't been checked for hormone or other problems.

I am getting all of my blood/hormone/etc. stuff checked out Wednesday and hopefully will have some answers in the next few weeks. I really want to get off of all these pills I have to take for cholesterol/lipid problems and also the mood problems which may be related.

I am curious if there is anyone else out there with cholesterol/lipid problems, specifically severe or familial hypertriglyceridemia, that also has anxiety/mood/depression problems which came on for really no reason and then found out that there was a deficiency, possibly testosterone or something else, which was related to the cholesterol/lipid problem. Hope that makes sense. Sometimes I think about it and it's difficult to wrap my brain around it and I sometimes get the "which came first: chicken or egg first" mentality.


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