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I know what you mean. I had high cholesterol, too, but I got off zocor and went over to zetia at night---just 10mg. In the morning, I take cholest-off from the grocery store over the counter. It is a plant sterol which also lowers cholesterol. Red yeast rice is like a statin with some of the same side effects. Statins are based on red yeast rice and are reductase inhibitors. You can't have grapefruit if you have statins or red yeast. Plant sterols are safer and zetia works through the intestines instead of through the liver like statins do. Go to a health food store and they will help you find the plant sterol pills. The spelling may be wrong but polycosenol are little white pills that come in tiny glass cylinders in a paper container. Zetia is a prescription drug and rather new. You can try these and stay off high fat foods and fried foods. Lower your portions and eat a balanced diet. Walk every day or do some exercise. Your cholesterol should come down. Exercise helps with the HDL, the good cholesterol which you want to be high. I found that the statins lowered the bad cholesterol but also made my good cholesterol go down, too. It was hard for me to raise that. I also had side effects from the statins and my GGTP went up with them. I have had trouble getting that liver enzyme to go down the way it used to be. I guess I have sort of a fatty liver now and that is why it won't go as low as I wish. Anyway, my cholesterol was 164 total last time with the zetia and plant sterols.

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