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In March, I stopped taking Lipitor after three years due to worsening, unbearable side effects. My cholesterol readings also worsened as a result.

In December, my LDL was 41, and is now 104.

In December, my triglycerides were 193 (lowest reading ever), and are now up to 322.

As a result of reading message boards both in this forum and articles elsewhere, I became of the opinion that my trigs were more alarming than my LDL, even though both are too high.

I thought that Lopid by itself would be the best drug for the cardiologist to prescribe, based on what I've read about its effectiveness and overall tamer side effects.

He said getting my LDL lower is far more important than my trigs, and said that he would only prescribe Lopid for someone whose trigs were sky high--like 600 or 700.

My question to others here is this: Does his concern for an LDL reading of 104 over his concern for triglycerides of 322 ring true?

Also, has anyone ever taken Lopid by itself and had success with it and/or bad side effects?

I've been a vegetarian and daily exerciser for nearly twenty years, and am 61 years old, height 5'11, weight 168.

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