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I took Crestor for three weeks recently. I was prescribed the mimimum dose of 5 mg.

The side effects began after three days (severe depression, severe neuropathy in legs and arms, etc.)

For the next three days, I split the pill in half, to no avail. For the final two weeks, I split the already split pill in half and was taking 1.25 mg per day. No dice. Side effects kept getting worse.

I stopped for two weeks and felt completely better. Now I am taking Pravastatin, the least potent statin, 10 mg every other day. The neuropathy has already begun, albeit mildly. But my gut feeling is this is my last hurrah with statins. Crestor, Lipitor, and Zocor were intolerable. As was Niaspan ER.

Anyway, my cardiologist told me last week that the pharmaceutical company that makes Trilipix (not a statin) has given him a bunch of vouchers that he can give to his patients that entitle them to buy Trilipix for $5 per month for a full year. Has anyone else heard about this?

Also, has anyone taken Trilipix with success? By success, I mean did it lower your cholesterol, and/or without intolerable side effects? If I strike out with Pravastatin, he wants to try Trilipix next. I figure for $5, what the heck. If it doesn't work or has bad effects, I'll just stop taking it.

He says if that fails, the only thing left other than Zetia (with he has little faith in) is the resins and powders that are only half as effective as statins (at best), and also cause constipation, bloating, and all kinds of gastro problems.

I'd like to hear what anyone else has to say about the topics I just mentioned above.

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