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[QUOTE=pickinpox;4152250]I take 20 mg of Prilosec and 40mg of Pravachol each day. My drive went away over the last year. I am 55, male. I am presently seeking info on two drugs to substitute for these that will not cause loss of sex drive.[/QUOTE]

A proven cholesterol fighter which definitely does not cause sexual dysfunction is "NIASPAN". This is an extended release version of the vitamin Niacin. It's the only remedy currently available which can increase HDL levels almost 40%. It also lowers all other cholesterol values. I take an immediate release version called "NIACOR" at 3,000 mg. a day and a very low dose of Pravachol at 10 mg. a day. NIACOR is much cheaper than NIASPAN but the main side effect which most cannot tolerate is a hot burning flush on the face and arms, mainly in the beginning. This is really excellent for increased blood circulation, and I mean everywhere. NIASPAN does not cause this flush as much. NIASPAN is taken mainly in the evening at bed time.
Tenacious - The risk of liver problems is extremely rare for Immediate Release Niacin. I've been taken the Immediate release at very high doses for over seven years and never had an elevated liver enzyme reading. Lipitor was another story. My liver enzymes began to increase after about 2 months. At the time I was not taking Niacin. My doctor then switched me to Lescol, and later on to Pravachol at a very low dose. I then added Niacin and have never had high liver enzymes since. Keep in mind that many doctors are anti-niacin because they still consider it a vitamin. Besides, you can pick up a bottle of Niacin at a vitamin store or any CVS for a pretty cheap price. Statins are much more expensive and physicians have more of a vested interested in pushing them. Regarding elevated liver enzymes with Niacin, this tendency seems to happen mainly with Sustained Release formulas. Oddly, the Extended release NIASPAN rarely has this problem in numerous Research studies. Those starting Niacin in the past few years are lucky because prescription brands are now available. When I started taking Niacin I bought a bottle of Carlson and hoped I wouldn't have problems. When I saw my doctor he mentioned that Niacin has been used for several conditions for years and he has never seen a liver problem. He did choose to monitor my liver enzymes because I was also taking Pravachol. The medical profession has now made Niacin one of their own because of the remarkable results on HDL and Lp(A). Drug companies are somewhat embarassed because they have not been able to produce a drug to lower LP(A) or raise
HDL like Niacin. The other benefits of Niacin are Improved sleep, Clears artery plaque and boosts circulation. Many men use Niacin mainly for sexual stamina. I can say it works in more ways than one. I feel like I'm 25 again. Not 21, but closer to 25.

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