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Now I am junkie about looking up information about simivestan & sex drive and I must say I have NOT seen on the net anywhere saying that this statin more affects Sex drive than any other, in fact, in my research I have read the opposite-and felt somewhat relieved & happy this is what he is on. I did find alot of complaints about Lipitor -more than any other. I did do a search on Pravachol & found it can cause the same thing that all statins do, a lowering of the sex drive. UNfortunetly I can not provide you with any links here (rules of health boards). I have come to the conclusion, they all have the possiblity to lower Drive, but how it affects every man is different --depending on his personal Testosterone level, how much statins he takes, how his arousal level may be (a man can get an erection with low Test, even enuchs in the Bible was able to satisfy the Kings wives), crazy , but so they claim it is true. A shame statins are so good at helping the blood vessels down there be clear & free for blood flow, but then lowering the testosterone to help with the "desire" to make that blood flow!

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