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My husbands results VERY considerably between being tested at Work with one of those box type testers to being tested by blood a week later (I mentioend this to the lady who does the testing at work & she said HDL can change considerably day to day?? Is this true?). Ok,
Testing at work: (these results are from virtually no meds 2 months ago-sometimes he took an occasional 10mg simivesatin if he ate poorly ) , some exercsing
HDL 26
Chole # 187
LDL 131
Tri's 150
Ratio 7.1

Now, Testing through Blood work less than a week later (ALL NUMBERS way different!)
HDL 39
Chole # 248
LDL 166
Tri's 214
Ratio 6.4

He hardly eats anything sweet, he is already thin (weighs 150 for a man). We try to exercise, but probably not enough.

Now with taking 20mg of simivestan a night, these are his latest numbers (with the TESTER at work last week--but how reliable is this ??):

HDL 36
Chole # 143
LDL 79
Tri 140
ratio 4.0

He will get another Blood draw in Dec from the Docs, I know just a year ago, he took just 10mg EVREY OTHER DAY of simivestatin and his blood levels were better then -than they are now --with 20 mg, is this due to age, is this due to our body becoming reliant on the drug. Thanks for all of your help

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