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Statins do not raise HDL, and if so very little. The benefit of statins is to lower Total and LDL cholesterol. Statins also lower C-Reactive Protein (Inflammation) in the arteries. Many believe that this is the real reason why statins are so effective against MI and stroke. CRP is much worse than high cholesterol levels. This is one reason why over 75% of people with low/normal cholesterol have heart attacks. The other culprit is known as "homocysteine". Vitamin B complex or Vitamin B6, Folic Acid and B12 are the only supplements known to lower these dangerous levels. If you can adjust to taking Niacin (B3), your HDL will rise dramatically. Nothing available can raise HDL higher than Niacin. Doctors prescribe a prescription Niacin called NIASPAN. If you take Niacin, you can probably stop taking statins. Niacin improves every aspect of the blood lipid panel, and as a bonus it lowers C-Reactive Protein, and lowers another marker for heart disease called lpA.

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