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High hdl
Oct 18, 2009
hey im new to this board. my total cl is 234, hdl is 70 , ldh is 141, trig is 69 -+
. im 60 years old . female. funny about meds. doctor wants me to go on them. lost my love last Nov. put on alot of weight on the last year. lost 15 lbs. and eating better. going to the gym also. explain these numbers to me . getting very confuse. thanks disney world
Re: High hdl
Nov 1, 2009
you seem to know what you are talking about. you told me in another post. my hdl is 79. and that was ok. but i have others telling me its too high. dont understand this cholestrol at all. doing alot or research on it though. my trigs. is 69 which i think that sounds ok. read alot of people way over 1,000,. i dont eat sweets and junk for that much. i do drink beer. hahah im a party girl . to lower your trigs. im reading is to cut out beer . so should i do it because my trigs are low. and also what . i take fish oil. lost 15 lbs. and go to the gym . put on alot of weight when husband was sick. he has been gone a year this month. and trying to get my life together now. im a young 60 year. i love to dance and laugh. just dont want to go on statins. hold too much about it. i take alot of different vitamins. maybe they arent doing anything but hey dont think that will hurt either. also order krill oil. going to start that today. im going to try and i know 80 percent i bodies makes cholestrol and it runs in the family and goes with age. get blood work done in dec. which will be 3 months later. is that time enough to see improvemeant. thanks for any information faye

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