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Niacin may come to the rescue in your situation. Unfortunately, modern medicine does not have any drug available which can lower Lp(A). Apparently higher Lp(A) may be due to heredity or genes. Vitamin C and Lysine are excellent for high Lp(a). Try and include a high dose B-complex vitamin and at least 2,000 mg a day of Immediate release Niacin. With Niacin you need to begin low (due to the flush). You should also work with your MD because Niacin may cause some unwanted side effects. I take a prescription Niacin called Niacor. My doctor does blood tests to check my liver enzymes. I never showed high enzymes while taking 3,000 mg a day of Niacin. Another supplement which is known to target inflammation is Vitamin E(Natural) (at least 800 iu a day). Another new supplement called KRILL oil is known to be much more potent than fish oil in the area of cholesterol lowering, inflammation and CRP levels. New research is showing that Niacin and Krill Oil combined daily can raise HDL by 65% and lower Lp(a) levels by up to 30%.
vanmom - I'm not so sure that the Flush free Niacin is effective. Another Niacin (available by prescription) is called NIASPAN. It's an extended release formula and the flush is alot less than regular Niacin. You take NIASPAN in the evening before bed time. This almost completely eliminates the flush. This brand though expensive, is researched and known to benefit all lipid values.

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