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Oct 25, 2009
I am 39 and weigh 185. I have all my care done at the VA which, btw, I have had great care. I have AVNRT and had the ablation done exactly a year ago today. My Triglycerides have come down from 1158 to just over 500. My Cholesterol is over 280. I have had 6 months of extreme each month goes by I feel worse. Starting in Feb, my right thumbnail started getting white lines going side to side. The doctors in Texas said it was malnutrition. When I got up to Maine, the nurses say, it's not malnutrition but a deficiency. My doctor, disagrees with both and says he has no idea what it is and referred me to a dermatologist that I meet with this week. He has ruled out fungus, deficiency etc. I told him I researched online and it can point to liver or heart issues, he kind of chuckled and said no...

He did full blood work on Fri and tested my thyroid and I should get the results this week. The last tests showed my ratio at 8.8. HDL is 32. LDL is 125.

I also have an enlarged heart and they noticed Aortic Valve Regurgitation 2 years ago.

For a year they misdiagnosed me with anxiety, which I do have, but this was when I was having SVT attacks and heart rate went over 280. I was in the ER 6 times in 3 weeks 2 years ago and they could never "catch" it. Finally, they admitted me and I had another incident 2 hrs later and they put me in intensive care. Met with a cardiologist who gave me meds. We tried two different types and then finally we had to do the ablation which was GREAT btw. I was so scared before it but after it was fine.

So, I ask..are there certain things I should have the dr check? As patients, we have to PUSH to get tests I think. I know somethings wrong with me. I am not my normal self. Headaches, no energy, insomnia, when I can sleep I sleep for hours and then wake up more tired. I had a facial tick for a week a week ago. I also had two incidents last weekend where the left side of my head felt numb and I felt the world spin. Happened again the next day. My mother has Vertigo...she showed me the test, but it did not appear that it was something that I had.

So...HELP. I am not sure what to ask or what tests or directions to point him in.

Is it my heart? Is my aortic valve giving out and making my heart work harder making me tired? Are my bloodwork numbers creating a further issue?

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