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I need some oppinions, I have a lot of heart disease in my family and had my cholesterol checked 3 months ago. The numbers were bad: Total 328, LDL 244. My HDL was great at 70 and triglicerides were good. I was put on Lipitor 20mg and immediatly got terrible leg pain. I hurt my back years ago and am finally pain free from that and started living again. Then this starts. I stuck with it for 6 weeks and gave up the Lipitor. For the next 6 weeks I watched what I ate, took garlic, flax seed, omega-3 ate and ate oatmeal for breakfast. I wasn't perfect, but tried even while on vacation. I was told the Lipitor was out of my system so I had it checked two days ago. Last night I got a measage from the doctor's office saying my numbers were high and they have faxed in another prescription for a different drug. This morning I called and asked for my numbers. They left a measage saying total was 275 and LDL 194. I know these numbers are high, but there down 50 points! I don't want to take statins. I would rather do this naturally. Anyone have any advice or comments on whether it is possible?
Thanx, Tracie

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