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hi missy, my ldl is 141 which i know is high. i eat healty. i exercise also. went 6 weeks without red meats. just ate chicken and fish. answer this question for me. why does the blood work say my hdl which again is 79 is high risk. total hdl is 155 having heard much about total numbers here. i drink hey not a acoholic. hahah a sociel drinker. haha but again my trig is 69. dont smoke. im 60 but a young 60. lost hubby one year ago. and gain alot of weight the year before because of his sickness. lost about now 20 lbs and still trying. so im hopeing this eating and excersing will help. so much on statins. im not going on them if i can help it. also im taking alot of vitamins to help. should i take now imreading about red yeast.should i add that to my diet. grape seed, krill, niacin . thanks a friend now in North Carolina
Hi Disneyworld,

Hdl of 79 is a really good number, alot of us out there would love to have that. Total hdl of 155, I've never heard of. Usually there is hdl, ldl, trigs and total cholesterol. Perhaps you are talking about your total cholesterol number, if that's the case, that is also a good number. Sorry to hear about your husband passing, you hang in there and keep up the diet and excercise it will help to get that ldl down. Let us know about your new cholesterol numbers after your doc visit. Stay well my friend in North Carolina.

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