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[QUOTE=brettsmith1536;4189185] ... I am 31 years old, extremely physically active (I race bikes), no history of family heart problems or stroke, vegetarian, [B]I am 510 and weigh about 135-140[/B] but I seem to have persistent high cholesterol.

My last numbers were:
Cholesterol. 230
[B]HDL 54[/B]
Cholesterol/hdl ratio 4.3
[B]Triglyceride. 73[/B]
Ldl. 161

The first thing I think of when I see your great HDL and Triglyceride levels, is that somehow, someway, the total Cholesterol number is wrong.

You seem to be doing everything right, have an excellent weight for your height and demanding exercise.

What is your confidence level about your Cholesterol test? Have you had your Cholesterol tested by more than one lab, or more than one doctor? A doctor's number one goal is PROFIT. If a doctor can get even a healthy patient to return on a recurring basis, it adds to their bottom line. Whether it be the health of your body, or the health of your car, let the buyer beware!

What have been some of your previous Cholesterol readings, and how long ago?

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