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I went to my GP today to ask about the statin question. Asked about the possible link between statins and fatigue, whether one statin was better than another, the use of Niacin, and whether it would be safe to drop the statin for a few weeks to see if that makes a difference. His response to every thing was "I don't know". He had never heard of niacin, and simply said it was up to me whether I dropped the statin or not.

I know the advice will be to see another doctor, but I have seen plenty, and none of them seem to know about these drugs that they are allegedly qualified to prescribe. Is there actually a type of doctor that specialises in this area? All prescribing of statins seems to be handled by G.P.s here, who seem to know very little about them.
[QUOTE=redness;4216233]I am in the U.K., where statins are routinely prescribed. I was initially prescribed simvastatin by a physician in general medicine, however this is then managed via the GP. [/QUOTE]

Have you asked the physician who did the initial prescribing?

Also, what is the difference between a "GP" (presumably "general practicioner") and a "physician in general medicine" in the UK?

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