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[QUOTE=Lulubells;4302575]A statin is still a statin and they won't get me to take it! They also "claimed" the ones out there now had no bad side effects and still won't admit they do so I already know they care more about their bottom line over my health.[/QUOTE]

I agree with you 100%. I actually took myself off of statins last year due to getting to the point where it felt like I had been hit by a bus some days. After 6 months-I felt really, really good....15 years younger! But-my last bloodwork came back not so good-so I am back on statins. First 40 mg of Lipitor-that didn't take long for that to beat me down, tried 20mg and finally baled on that and went with the pravastatin. Should be 40mg, I'm at 20mg now.

How did you get off statins and keep decent numbers? I've adjusted my diet to where I have eliminated most of the "junk-food"...and I don't smoke.

A few of the books I just finished regarding statins-say the whole statin issue is over blown. I'd really like to think so.

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