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I resisted statins too and think I may be able to go off since my numbers are so great with other things I am doing:
:angel:Enduracin 1000 mg (2x 500mg) at night before bed along with 2 baby aspirin-- the aspirin I take because I had 2 heart attacks--from stress (grief, both after deaths of close ones--yes it does happen), my cholesterol was never really high, but now I must get it as low as possible since my heart attacks were from very small arteries getting clogged from clots--explosions in my artery clots tried to heal up--I've learned tons about clots, they are meant to heal damaged vessels until they break loose--easy to clog again, but not the widow-maker so I'm lucky there.
BUT the aspirin with the Enduracin practically guarantees I don't get the flush feeling and if I do it's mild or I'm asleep and don't notice (never wakes me up anyway)
:)DHA 900 algal--it's stronger than fish oil because the DHA is the part that lowers cholesterol --when taking fish oil it's tough to find one that has higher DHA than EPA--we need more DHA so with the Algal it is straight from the algae that fish eat--cuts out the middleman er middlefish and does not have the mercury risk that fish oil may have.
but the BEST thing we can do is to NOT go on a low fat diet--that makes things worse by lowering your HDL which battles the LDL--
eat a HIGH good fat, low bad fat diet instead--the easy way I do this instead of counting numbers is to ONLY buy food that has more good fat than bad, regardless of how much fat it actually has (within reason of course). so now salad dressing is my best friend--I put Balsamic dressing on almost anything I can--it ios all good fat and no bad fat and oil works better when it is not heated--heat breaks it down. I only eat 100% whole grain (watch them tricky words), salmon or sardines 2 or 3x week and little to no processed foods (so it takes longer to cook, do I want to live healthy longer?)

My numbers went from total 185 down to 110, triglycerides are now 52! :) and LDL 90 :), but HDL is still only up to 55 (from 32 right after attacks), my goal is 80 (because of the heart attacks).

I had the $1600 :eek: Berkely Heart Lab (BHL) done to figure out why I was having the attacks (overweight whole life, but not enough to be cause, cholesterol not unreasonable, all other bloodwork was exactly where it should be and BP was only slightly high at 130/85 at its worst, usually 120/75.

BHL explained I am part of the 60% of the population who should NOT be on low fat diet but a moderate fat diet (more good fat than bad) so STOP eating non-fat dairy and other non-fat foods--and eat low fat with good fats or moderate fat. I read the total fat number then if the saturated fat number is half of that or less I get it, if the saturated fat is less than one third or 1 quarter I make it a regular buy! and if there's fat but no saturated fat I keep it stocked in my house almost as a medication! :D

Back to the statins--my cardiologist resist me going off statins for red yeast rice (a natural statin) because "they aren't regulated" but if I didn't have a heart attack history I would tell him and try it and make sure I was monitored after a few months to make sure all was ok.

I did argue to have him change my statins because lovastatin was awful--it gave me memory loss and pain, I couldn't do my job while on it. the pravstatin has been ok, I take 80mg (that's a lot) and don't notice any problems and it's cheap so I'm ok with it and I also TAKE IT AT NIGHT. My cardiologist (who also teaches and keeps up to date, great guy)said the bad stuff is released into our bloodstream when we go to sleep so it makes sense to have the fighter drugs in there at the same time instead of waiting until the next day after some damage has already been done. Good luck! :wave:

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