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Judy 750- Leg and hand cramps, pain in leg calves, misc. pain here and there in your bod, seem to be pretty expectable for SOME OF US on statins.
I've tried several statins, finally got some relief after being treated by a doctor in another city where I spend a lot of time.

First, we stopped simvastatin for a week. The cramps stopped. Then, moved to Crestor 5mg M,W,F., with Q-10, Fenofibrate (Trilipix), and doctor recommended my drinking tonic water with Quinine (quinine is no longer available OTC, but there is enough of it in SOME of the tonic water products to help). NO CRAMPS (which used to bounce me out of bed in the night)!

When I got back home, my HMO doc accepted the med change but increased me to Crestor 5mg daily. I was able to tolerate this until she moved me to 10mg of Crestor, and the cramps started again after a week. I stopped Crestor for a week, cramps went away, and then I resumed Crestor 5mg daily, which seems to work ok. I did find that the quinine content of tonic waters varies: I had bad cramps from a new supply I tried. Schwepps is ok, but pricy - I use Polar (not diet) here in the northeast, but it's not available universally. I found Schwepps even in Vietnam and Camobodia earlier this year.
Thought this story might help somebody with a statin problem.

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