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Greetings all,

First post here. Anyway, a bit of background. 30 years old, got my cholesterol tested last November here at work (through a third party health screening company). My total cholesterol was very high which, is a bit odd. Reason being is that I workout 6 days a week (basically, a gym rat) and eat relatively good.

From there, I shaved 70 points off my total cholesterol in six months (40 off my LDL) by adding fish oil to my diet, taking off 10 pounds (from 218 to 208) cooking with more olive oil, etc. Overall, decent progress.

I talked w/ my primary physician and eventually, a heart specialist about my options. Both recommended I go on a statin. My family doesn't have a real stellar track history of health, so that obviously factored in. Anyway, I've been on a 10mg dosage of Simvastatin for about a week now.

However, I'm experiencing a good deal of constipation from taking it. It's not the worst thing ever (no bad indigestion pains or anything) but still pretty annoying. My question is, would switching to Lipitor help with this at all? I was already hesitant to start taking a statin due to my age, but figured I'd give it a try. I also eat a good amount of oatmeal in the morning and take a fiber supplement as well.

Basically, I'm doing everything I can to be healthy, but I'm wondering now if I should transition to a different statin or off of statins completely and just try to lower my cholesterol naturally. From what my doctors have told me, my body is just producing too much for me to counter it with diet/exercise.


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