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Last year after being on Lipitor then Zocor for years-I had to have a break. I felt bad, tired, run-down and just about everything ached to some degree. I was even losing some of the feeling on the bottom of my feet. So-I took a break. I went off of statins completely. It took months-but after about 6-8 months....I felt great again. It was almost as if I were 15 years younger! I could do so much more without even a thought. Yard work, washing cars in the driveway and walking for miles at various events-no problem.

But....I knew I had to eventually go back to my Dr for some bloodwork to have my cholesterol levels checked. I got my numbers back last month-not good. Total was 275, the LDL was 190 and the HDL was around 48 I believe. The Tri was OK. Those numbers brought me back to Lipitor 40mg. After just 2 weeks-the old feelings of being tired and the muscular discomfort was returning. The night time leg cramps had me jumping out of bed before I was even awake! I made a plea for something easier and got pravastatin 20mg. I know this is a weaker statin-but does anyone think I can have decent numbers with it by my next Dr. visit in early September? I'm actually hoping that I can stay on 20 mg without too many more problems. I tried Zetia in the past-that didn't help and it caused problems. I'm wondering if there is something that could work but without all of the nasty side effects?? I am not as concerned about having the numbers as low as my Dr is, but I would like to be somewhere around 200-225 total, 130 LDL and the best HDL I can achieve. Just wondering.

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