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I am a healthy, active female, 61, normal weight, good BP, on a heart-healthy diet, disease-free and take no prescription meds. My problem is that my cholesterol (specifically LDL) has gradually increased from "good" to "high" over the past 6 years at the onset of menopause and a total hysterectomy (fibroids).

Recent blood tests show my triglycerides (98) and HDL (56) are mid-normal range, but LDL is high @189 and CHOLl/HDL ratio is high @4.7. Increased levels of LDL over time is the culprit, so during consultation with my doctor last week, I expected her to prescribe a low-dose generic statin to reduce LDL.

Instead, she recommended that I take Lovaza and wrote a prescription for 4 caps daily for 6 months. I didn't know what Lovaza was until I got home and visited the Lovaza website indicating the product is designed to lower "very high triglycerides" and may increase LDL. My triglycerides are already normal and I need to lower my LDL, so why would my doctor prescribe Lovaza?

I already take 1800mg of EPA/DHA Omega-3 supplements daily, which is 1/2 of the prescribed Lovaza dose. I can double my OTC dose to equal the Lovaza prescription dose and save $150 month, since I don't have health insurance. However, my main concern is whether or not my doctor is right in prescribing Lovaza (or whether I should increase intake of equivalent OTC fish oil supplements for the purpose of lowering my LDL).

I don't have high triglycerides, so why take Lovaza unless its purpose it to reduce LDL?

I would appreciate any insights/advice on this matter. Thank you!

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