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Hi delafoo

Excellent writing, thanks.

I have only read extracts from a couple of the six books that Dr. Ornish has written, and I agree with much of what I read.

He also used to have and possibly still has public question and answer web events. One question I read was from a husband of a woman who's cholesterol readings were: Total = 249, HDL = 101, LDL = 132 and triglycerides = 78.
Question - Does the high HDL overcome the high total?

Dr. Ornish reply - It may.

A short and vague reply from one of the top people in that field of medical science.

He writes that meat protein increases homocysteine, and homocysteine increases inflammation, whereas folate from grains and leafy vegetables reduces inflammation.
Unfortunately, I haven't read his book entitled 'Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease' to fully appreciate his understanding of inflammation reduction that leads to reduced cholesterol levels.
So, I cannot understand how a diet of mainly normal high street fruit and vegetables reverses arterial plaque in people who have no inherited risk factors for heart disease. A day's intake of the required total antioxidants and Phytochemicals could not possibly be obtained from them alone to commence and continue the process of arterial plaque reduction.

Can They?


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