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"Reducing inflammation is only a small part of it...."

Dr. Ornish wrote about Cholesterol being the main factor for CAD during the days between the 1930's and the beginning of this century, when it was widely accepted that cholesterol was the only cause of CAD.
Consequently over the last two decades target cholesterol levels have been dropped several times......but the incidence of CAD still keeps rising.
Baffled? sure they were, and many still are, because during the past several years evidence has been produced to discount cholesterol as the primary cause of Atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis has been found to be caused by inflammation of the arterial lining caused by Homocsyteine along with toxins and other free radicals which oxidizes the arteries, circulating LDL and Triglyceride cholesterol as well as trapping all other types of debris that passes.

As previously posted, LDL cholesterol is required by the body. It is only when LDL cholesterol becomes oxidized that it becomes the "bad" cholesterol.
HDL cholesterol flushes LDL and Trig's back to the Liver. So having higher amounts of HDL circulating produces a better success rate of flushing LDL and Trigs before they have a chance to oxidize.
This is why the ratio figures are now accepted as being the 'standard' for predicting CAD.

By the way, it is only the oxidized form of LDL that 'sticks' to the arterial walls.
Circulating 'pure' LDL...... DOES NOT, and only does the jobs that it is supposed to do.

For those of you that smoke.......It has been proven that cigarette smoke releases so many free radicals and toxins into the blood stream that they accelerate the oxidization of arteries, LDL and Trig's many times over.

So, the more HDL that is circulating the greater the chances of fully flushing the arteries before oxidization has a chance to take hold or multiply.
So, reducing inflammation just so happens to be the most important step in preventing CAD in this modern day and age.

High levels of LDL and/or Trig's obviously have to be reduced to a number that the available HDL can successfully cope with. The more of these supposed 'bad fats' the greater the chances of oxidization.

Having high blood pressure forces toxins and free radicals to scratch the lining of the arteries, usually on bends and junctions. The bad fats, toxins and free radicals get lodged into the damaged scratched areas, and the process starts and then multiplies.

I have CAD, but have and have always had lower than the 'current' cholesterol guideline figures.....However, I had high BP and still do under times of stress and anxiety even though it's fully under control by means of medication.

One note worth mentioning:
Atherosclerosis is made up of @95% calcium and only @5% cholesterol.

60-75% (depends on literature read) of people who die of CAD have normal or low cholesterol levels..........Yet had Atherosclerosis at the time of death.

Just my two pennies worth.


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