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I was the one that was blamed for all my husband's weird side effects from Lipitor and the personality changes!!! It all just had to be me!! Marriage counc. blamed me... it was really weird... like anyone that had to put up with me would be driven insane!! I was the one blaming the Lipitor and they all knew that Lipitor had no side effects!!!
Hubby's side effects were nocturia.. resulting in sleep deprovation. Flu like symptoms... he was exhausted all the time and had various aches and pains. Emotion lability.... he felt nothing for anyone!! Had no compassion for anyone.. much less love!! Amnesia... huge chunks of time have vanished for him. He couldn't make decisions and kept saying, "I'm confused." He felt lost. He aged 15 years in appearance in 2 1/2 years. He was deeply depressed. Like many of you, he blamed all his symptoms on "aging"....He was only 50. Basically he had been Dr. Jeckle and had turned into Mr. Hyde!! I'm not kidding!!
A compounding pharmacist who was a friend told me what to do and what his problem was... get off the statin drug and have his serum testosterone checked!! It was that of an 11 year old boy!! After locating a doc who would work with us ... he started hubby on a natural testosterone cream.. he tried injections and some of the new gels which did not work very well.
This Natural testosterone cream (100mg per cc.applied locally to groin area daily)really does the job!!!A prescription is needed for this and is compounded by a pharmacist.
He is also taking DHEA every day and taking a saw palmetto prep. to shrink an enlarged prostate that he aquired while taking the injections. (Prostate is normal now)
It has taken him nearly a year since he quit the Lipitor to become his wonderful normal self again!! (Large portions of his hair had turned white.. now turning dark again!!)I call him Lazerus. He was raised from the dead!!!
I used the search engine and found where some of you were still having a few problems in this area....I hope that this info helps!!! God bless....smag

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