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Hi JJ:

I agree with you on the blood tests. It will be interesting to see if he agrees to do them. What if he says "okay?" I'm not so sure that Niaspan is any less invasive than the statins. I know the side effects of niaspan can be bad. Anyway,that is only for triglycerides, isn't it.

I know my doctor started out with the 5 mg lipitor and I was impatient but he insisted that was the way to do it. Don't know if that is why I've had no problems with the drug. Who knows?

I think the post I was referring to about high blood pressure was an older one you wrote. Its funny how our viewpoint changes with these topics as time marches on! I'm sure you do realize that there isn't much difference between a systolic in the 140's and one in the 130's. As I said, my doctor had a hard time getting my bp down to a consistent level. Sometimes its not a matter of increasing the dose, sometimes you have to add another drug to it. Altace is an Ace-Inhibitor isn't it, or am I wrong about that? I should look it up. I'm wondering why he chose that, usually they start with beta blockers. I started with atenolol and didn't like that at all. Then he added hydrothiazide (something like that) That was awful, got off that quick. Then he added lotensin to the mix (an Ace Inhibitor) The low dose didn't do much and he increased it and it was at that point I got the awful throat cough. It felt like my throat was swelling. After that he put me on toprol xl, another beta blocker, which has been fine, although I read on the forum where some people can't stand it. Soon after I went on it I also went on imdur for exertional angina and it was at that point my bp finally stabilized.


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