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Hello, I'm glady you found the culprit. My sister thinks her's might be from her medication. Anther cause can be a fatty liver. Someone mentioned a low-carb. diet. The funny thing is that I just picked up an old Women's Day from Jan. 2002, and it mentioned that low-carb. diets can be dangerous especially for the kidneys. I'm exactly like your hubby, but I've got my cholestorl under control as long as I follow my life style change. I have to put in at least 60 min. of heavy exercise per day. I figure if I can make time for TV, I can make time for my health and exercise. I only count total fat...not goood fat/bad fat. If I eat nut, which are healthy, I still count them. I find, as Dr. Mirkin points out, the lower the total fat/the lower the bad fat. I'm allowed 1400 cal. and 16-39g. fat per day. It really got easy once I made a food diary. Here's the allowances I copied out of my "Fabulous Fat-Free Cookbook" for men to help you out. You just go by how much your hubby should weigh. If you've already figured out what works, then you can just ignore this post. Here it is...

For 130 lbs. the fat should be 20-50g. and 1800 cal., for 140 lbs the fat should be 22-56g. and 2000 cal.,
for 150 lbs. the fat should be 23-58g. and 2100 cal.,
for 160 lbs. the fat should be 25-63g. and 2250 cal.,
for 170 lbs. the fat should be 27-67g. and 2400 cal.

I always try to keep to the lower fat count or in the middle. I also find I have to count cal. as well for some unknown reason in order for this to work. I remember one of those health store doctors had an article about the reason low-fat diets don't work is because you need to count both total fat and calories.
Good luck. I hope you let us know how your hubby is doing when he has his check-up again. Mine's in March. Oh, I forgot....I gradually lowered my egg eatting. I used to eat one every week, but that was when my cholesterol was high. Then I went to 2 eggs per month...then one egg per month...Now, one egg in a blue moon.


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