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Just wanted to add my two cents worth. I was on Lipitor for about 6 months and took myself off. I don't recall any side effects, but I have so much fatigue and arthralgia/myalgia, I might recognize it.

I took myself off because I worry about taking something that requires a liver funciton test every 6 months. However, since my cholesterol is still over 300 (even at 106 pounds and following weight watchers diet it was 296 in 1983), my doc put me on Zocor because he thought it was the better statin.

It took me a few days to realize that the terrible aching from my hips down to my ankles was a side effect because as stated, I have fibromyalgia. I knew this was extreme and stopped it and called the doctor and he agreed.

I had good intentions of losing weight (I am now 172), exercising and taking better care of myself to try to get cholesterol down, but I haven't been successful in keeping weight off. (I also have Hashimotos's thyroiditis which can cause high cholesterol if not adequately treated and I wonder if my Synthroid is sufficient, but my endo doc avoids the subject). The endo doc has me on a new product called WelChol. I take 3 in the am and 3 in the pm. I didn't take it right the first two months and my cholesterol actually went up 2 ppoints. It would seem it should go down because I took it right the first month, skipped a month then started taking 3 in AM again and a natural cholesterol lower in the PM. My endo doc didn't fuss at me but really wants me to take it right.

My LDL is 171 but my ratio actually was down from almost 6 to just under 4 at least. I have other health problems like OCD and was recently changed from Zoloft to made me so sick/nauseated. I tried it for several days and had to go back to Zoloft. For the past two days I have had a really bad headache.....with my meds and my overlapping illnesses, it is difficult for me to know what is causing what. Any suggestions?

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