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Re: New Numbers
Jan 15, 2002

/5 means "divided by 5" as in "triglycerides divided by 5". In your case, 155/5 = 31.

Why would you listen to a nutritionist (regarding diet) when you won't listen to your doctor (regarding drug therapy)? Do you trust the nutritionists judgement more than your doctors? And your diabetic husband would likely benefit from a low carbohydrate diet much more than you because your cholesterol numbers aren't really that bad. It would greatly help his bloodsugar control and high triglycerides. Just get the book "Protein Power" and give it a read. It makes a very convincing argument for the health benefits of a low carbohydrate diet and it is fully supported with scientific references.

Here is how LDL is calculated (it is rarely measured):

LDL = Tot. Cholesterol - HDL - Triglycerides/5

Using your latest numbers, here is what you have:


LDL = 256 - 58 - 155/5 = 167, close, but not quite 172 as you have listed. Did you get the blood test numbers listed down right?


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