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Hi JJ:

I don't think it would be unreasonable to ask that a lipid profile be done but that you still want to wait before trying the statins again. I disagree with you when you say that there are a lot of other things to try. There really isn't, I think that's why the docs have gone statin happy. I don't think the other drugs are so great either-i.e. questran. I know people who hated niaspan. I don't understand why your doctor was so quick. It took my doctor 2 years and he started with 5 mg even though the local lipid clinic said that was a very low dose and that it wouldn't do anything. (it didn't) Also, the cardiologist said that an LDL of 152 was not "that bad". I don't know-I think its pretty scary when a patient is subject to all these individual opinions.

I was reading your posts on the high blood pressure board. There really isn't much of a difference between a blood pressure in the 140's and one in the 130's. I know they get concerned when the diastolic gets over 100 but under that, you are going to get variations and it can change from minute to minute. It took me 2 years to get mine stablilized on meds and only after adding imdur, a nitrate. (although a forum doctor said that imdur has little effect on bp)

Where is everyone? These boards are getting very quiet.


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