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I am hoping it works , I did quite a bit of investigating before deciding to try this , went to the FDA site and they said to look for information on studies of the product at National Library of Medicine's database of literature citations . I went their and their are valid studies on policosanol there so it is a valid product which has been studied . It has not been around that long so I think that is why we havn't seen top much exposure yet . If the claims are as good as they read we'll probably hear more in the future , i guess only time will tell maybe it won't work at all I don't know . Here is a little blurb from a suplement website which has a doctor on it's staff , lot's of good info on policosanol here .

Need a Natural Product for My Cholesterol - Drugs Don't Work for Me
Q Dear Dr. V,
I have been fighting high cholesterol for many years. After many problems with the prescription drug Questran and with niacin, my doctor switched me five years ago to a different drug, Zocor. About 1 1/2 years ago, he insisted on increasing the dosage from 10 mg to 20 mg. I did not feel like my healthy self at this level, but even so, I persevered. A test done several months later showed that my cholesterol was still too high: 222. My doctor then urged me to increase the dosage to 40 mg, but I balked.I stopped all Zocor and started looking for alternatives. Seven months ago, I started taking CholestOut. No side effects! After five months on CholestOut, I had my cholesterol levels retested, and bingo: normal cholesterol of 174.
The rest of my lipid tests were good too.
My cholesterol level is down to where I always wanted it, and I feel good too. Since red yeast rice is no longer available, what else can I use to maintain good cholesterol levels? I do not want to go back to drugs. AR, Ph.D.

A Dear Dr. AR,
Red yeast rice, the main ingredient in CholestOut, was recently banned by the FDA for political and financial reasons. Red yeast rice is a natural, statin-containing substance (statins are effective cholesterol-reducing agents).
It works so well that the rich and politically powerful pharmaceutical companies used their influence to monopolize the statins. They do not want any competition, especially from a natural product that is so effective. This is unfortunate for the many people who had been receiving the health benefits of red yeast rice, which will not even be available by prescription. Fortunately, however, there is another well-studied, natural cholesterol-lowering agent called policosanol, which research has shown to be as effective or even more effective than cholesterol-lowering prescription drugs.* It is an extract of sugar cane, and no, it does not have any sugar in it, nor does it affect blood sugar levels.

Life Enhancement offers two products containing policosanol: PoliChol, with policosanol, choline, and vitamin B5, and a more advanced formulation, CholestOut II, with policosanol, inositol hexanicotinate (a "nonflushing" form of niacin), and coenzyme Q10. It may be worth trying one of these formulations before going back on drugs that did not give you the help you needed and that had side effects to boot. It is important that you have your cholesterol levels tested regularly.
Dr. V

* See "Policosanol Lowers Cholesterol Better Than Prescription Drugs" in Life Enhancement, September

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