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Well JB, I wish you luck with the Pravachol. We'll keep our fingers crossed that there's no reaction this time. Did the Dr. put you on Provachol immediately after the other drugs? The reason I ask is, I just got my test results in yesterday and he want's to raise my dose of Lipitor to 40 mgs. WOW... I told them (over the phone) I needed to get in there and talk to the Dr. about dropping Lipitor altogether. I'm going to see him next Thurs. about this.
I'll ask him about Provachol. It may help me as well.
My numbers are: Chol. 178, HDL 28, LDL 103 & Trig. 233
I really don't find those numbers all that high, except my HDL should be higher.
Certainly not high enough to double my dosage of Lipitor!! My Dr. is in for
an ear full
The CPK test (the one that shows muscle damage) is very confusing to me.
The results I received has a handwritten note that says "normal"... !!? The lab
statement has a ref. range of between 24-204,and my number is 185. That will need to be explained to me as well. My first question to him...DO I have muscle damage or not?
I have been dieting since my first post and have dropped 8 lbs. and some of my soreness had subsided a bit, but came back with a vengeance this morning. I can't imagine doubling my dose of Lipitor
I'll let everyone know how this Dr. visit turns out.
Good Luck with your battle and keep us updated on the progress!


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