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Hi all, well I am confused to say the least..My cholestrol is 180...but the triglycerides are 680..down from a whopping 900. I have taken the dreaded Lipitor..started at 20mg..then 30mg..then now 40mg...and I feel like$#%%%%$. I hear so much about low carb..then low fat..then other is hard to know what to do, or when or how to do it. I wonder if the long term side effects on the liver from the meds are worth the lower numbers, since the liver is double taxed by the meds, and then the higher insuling levels in the blood. I know there are some fats that are good for the avocados, nuts, salmon...but who the heck can live on nuts? I am a recovering carb junkie...I try not to eat too much of it...but who can eat just one? I would love some hard based facts about what is good for you, if you have the high me. It must be inherited..but dont know for sure, since I was adopted,,not much medical history..other than I know my natural father died at age 31 of a MI...I am 48, and about 30 pounds overweight since a hysterectomy two years ago. I don't get alot of exercise, and I know I have to increase that, but we all know that diets don't work, they only produce short term results unless you make it a way of eating for the rest of your life. I was told to eat senseably, in moderation, then low fat..then low carb..then high protien, no carbs...what a mess it all is..anyone got a magic wand? Brenda

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