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What he needs is a good low carbohydrate diet such as Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution or Protein Power by Dr. Eades. Really. It is not the cholesterol and saturated fat in your diet that cause the problems he is experiencing, but high insulin levels caused by a diet too high in sugars and other starchy carbohydrates. Biochemistry 101. He has many of the symptoms associated with Syndrome X (high cholesterol, high bloodpressue, high bloodsugar). Syndrome X results from insulin resistance in the tissues and the resulting high insulin levels when eating excess carbohydrates. It ultimately comes down to the fact that he is eating a diet that is not well suited to his genetic background. And the cigarette smoking definitely doesn't help. What he needs to be doing is eating sausage and eggs for breakfast (no bread or potatoes or anything else with it), tuna salad or a hamburger pattie for lunch (again, no bread), and nice steak and salad or steamed vegetables for dinner (no bread or potatoes or anything sweet or starchy). If he eats this type of food he can eat pretty much all he wants and still lose weight and lower his cholesterol and bloodpressure. It worked for me and many of my co-workers and friends.


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