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Re: Triglicerides
Nov 12, 2001
Viper and JJ,
Thanks for your replies. I did some research about TriCor before my wife started taking it. I knew the statin drugs were bad and that is what concerned me at first. When further investigations revealed TriCor was not a statin, that lifted alot of the concerns I had. I'm very sorry the two of you are having such negative results and frustrations with the medications you have tried. I hope and pray you find something that will not have the negative impacts you have experienced so far. There has to be something out there!
Everything is getting back to normal around here but there was major concerns when my wife was first diagnosed! Her mother had her first major heart attack at 43 and died from her third major heart attack at 53. That was 20 years ago and now my wife is 39 and this news just shocked us into reality! I know her problem is pure genetics because all the females die realitvely early in life(somewhere in their fifties). I know she will have to take TriCor for the rest of her life and that is concerning me at this time because of possible liver function problems in the future. All we can do is keep abreast of all of the current information concerning these drugs and visit the doctor regularly for blood test.
Thanks for your concerns and thanks for the information concerning your side effects and I will keep an eye open for possible indications of side effects on my wife.

God Bless you all!


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