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I have not taken lescol, but I can tell you that it is a statin type drug that is in the same family as lipitor, zocor, mevacor, pravacol and baycol. However, it is the least potent of all this type of drug. I will say that I am impressed with your doctor for starting you on a low potency drug to begin with. You have probably been given some guidelines about diet and excercise, also. Without some modifications in diet and lifestyle, this drug probably won't get you down to recommended levels. However, I am impressed that your doctor is starting you out lightly with the drugs and is probably going to work up until you have normal lipid levels. I am impressed. Most docs would have written a script for lipitor for those numbers and figured to get you there all at once.

Good luck with this drug and try to get your lifestyle in order since those are some pretty high numbers. Watch for sudden onset of the listed side effects for this type of drug, and stop it if any show up. This is a pretty mild drug so you shouldn't have much trouble with it. Just be careful with higher dosages and moving up through the stronger statins.

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