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Re: Doing Better
Aug 24, 2001

I donít mean to disparage your efforts, but your lipid numbers donít look much better to me. Some things improved (total cholesterol and LDL are lower) and some things are worse (HDL is lower and your triglycerides increased 28%). Was your second test a fasting test? Not fasting 12 hours can have a negative impact on your triglyceride numbers.

If you are trying to lower your risk of heart disease, the most important lipid parameters are your HDL (keep it high) and your triglycerides (keep Ďem low). Your triglyceride/HDL ratio is the number you need to be watching. Your goal should be to keep that under 2.0 which indicates little to no risk of development of coronary artery disease. A ratio above 5.0 indicates moderate risk. Your prior ratio was 3.13, which ainít that bad. Your current ratio is 4.19 which is headed in the wrong direction based on my research.

What did you do to result in these changes in your cholesterol and triglycerides? A change in diet, exercise, or medications? If you changed your diet, what changed?


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