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Hi Viper..Nah, I'm not going anywhere, I'm like a bad penny that just keeps popping up. What I meant was I am sooooo tired of banging my head against a wall, or trying to watch everything I put in my mouth to try and get these numbers down so I don't have to listen to drs. with their "try this, try that"!!

I am not saying I am going to throw caution to the wind and be a junk food junkie, as I never was and don't intend to be now, but one could make themselves NUTS wondering if they should or shouldn't put a certain food in their mouth for fear of getting higher numbers. Good grief, life is short enough without constantly battleing with a dr. over the fact your numbers don't meet the GUIDLINES!! I think some people have gotten so crazy over this stuff they worry if they have numbers even 2 to 5 pts. over the limit, PULLLEASE!!!

I respect everyone's point of view, and some wish a high fat diet, other a veg. lifestyle, and others moderation of most everything. I for one am bascially a little of almost everything in moderation. You know for over 2 years now I have been trying everything I can, as does hubby to get these numbers down but we just haven't been very successful, so we have just decided to stop worrying about it and live our "Golden Years" as we see fit. If the drs. want to get all bent out of shape over the fact we won't take statins...TUFF, cause we sure have seen what those wonder drugs can do, and are not about to repeat that mistake again.

I read the board almost everyday and I see folks who are young, athletic, not overweight, non drinkers and non smokers, but still have high numbers, so it isn't like if you do or don't do certain things U won't get high numbers. To me it is like a crap shoot, some will, some won't no matter what you do. I wish everyone success with trying to lower their numbers, and may a true answer to all this cholesterol stuff be found soon, as the controversy is getting almost overwhelming lately, ya don't know what to believe. For now, I will just take each day at a time and hope for the best. Good luck to us all!! JJ

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