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Hey arkie, thanks for the tips, here is some answers for those questions:

I am 18 years old
6'3" moderately underweight at 158lbs
Male, 4% body fat with current diet at 8months on diet
been a vegetarian since I was 4 (religios reasons)
I eat eggs and dairy, but have cut dairy out because the parturized and hormone/antibiotic fed dairy isnt somethin i want to consume (though until last summer, I was a milk and dairy fiend), now I take NO dairy in whatsoever (isnt the fat and cholesterol in it oxidized do to pasturization?)
Sorry cant eat fish (though I would REALLY love to)
Eggs, organic or free range (non force fed) are okay
I only eat yolks, for 2 reasons, 1 the whites taste nasty raw, and 2 they have enzyme inhibitors in them that stop absorbtion of certain vitamins
I dont consume any grain or bread products, and 100% dont go near hydrogenated oils (which is in about all bread refined grain products...)

I try my best to avoid all oxidized oils, I dont consume any cooked foods (dont even take in extra virgin olive oil, because that usually goes rancid too...)

Dairy gives me BAD acne (cheese esp), before I went on accutane a almost 2 years ago, I had high cholesterol (perhaps cause of milk?) I was on thin ice when taking accutane, because (even though most derms and people dont know this), the Vitamin A derivative in accutane works by closing off the pores in the skin (it has nothing to do with cholesterol synthesis or anything that may actually help..), and by doing so, sebum, cholesterol and its esters no longer get released onto the skin, and instead stay in the blood stream elevating serum levels...for some its permanant because it forever destroys the sebum ducts (pores) so they can no longer release the amount of sebum they used to...leaving you with dry (though no longer acne infected) skin...

Anyway, I havent gotten my blood work in a while, I would believe, my cholesterol is now lower (well LDLs, why dont they matter though? cause blood tests arent accurate?) I heard letchin in eggs disables the cholesterol in them, is that true? then why ever worry about it (especially wen eaten raw, and the letchin is kept in tact)?

I cant eat avocados, as they break me out, i think cause the high fat content, and the fact that it gets oxidized quickly...

I am desparate to keep cholesterol low (which always helps in my acne), and eat better without losing weight...

What are some other low sugar fruits? Are red grapes ok? Shouldnt their antioxidants help reduce any bad effects of the dextrose? I also eat oranges, and dates (which are very high in the glycemic index, but give me much needed energy) Also ripe bananas, I am allergic to strawberries, kiwi, dark cherries, unboiled carrots, pears, and plums, so they are all out

Any tips? Is sour cream ok, and does it have alot of oxidized cholesterol/fat?


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