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Originally posted by Crzyakta:
I only eat yolks, for 2 reasons, 1 the whites taste nasty raw, and 2 they have enzyme inhibitors in them that stop absorbtion of certain vitamins.

Why not eat the whites cooked? Like in boiled eggs or fried eggs. As long as the yolk isn't broken, little to no oxygen can attack it and oxidize the cholesterol (the white contains virtually no fat or cholesterol to oxidize). I eat fried eggs cooked in unrefined coconut oil quite often. And cooking the eggs deactivates the enzyme inhibitors.

I dont consume any cooked foods (dont even take in extra virgin olive oil, because that usually goes rancid too...)

Any particular reason why you don't eat any cooked foods? The more unsaturated an oil is, the more likely it will go rancid. Extra virgin olive oil isn't one that readily goes rancid (high in monounsaturated fat), particularly if it is in a dark bottle, kept in a cool place, and not used in high heat cooking applications. Unrefined coconut oil is a better choice for cooking since it is approximately 92% saturated fat and can last for long periods of time exposed to air and not become rancid.

Anyway, I havent gotten my blood work in a while, I would believe, my cholesterol is now lower (well LDLs, why dont they matter though? cause blood tests arent accurate?)

LDL is rarely if ever measured during blood tests. It is most often calculated from the following: LDL = Total Cholesterol - HDL - triglycerides/5. Since it isn't actually measured, there is no way of knowing from the LDL number whether you have predominately LDL pattern B (characterized by small dense particles that are easily oxidized and linked to atherosclerosis) or pattern A (characterized by light fluffy particles that are not easily oxidized and are nuetral with respect to atherosclerosis). There is one way to tell though if you have predominately LDL pattern B or A and that is via your triglyceride number. High triglycerides are indicative of predominately LDL pattern B, the bad stuff. Low triglyceride levels are indicative of predominately LDL pattern A, the neutral stuff. That is why your LDL number on your lab report doesn't mean much.

What are some other low sugar fruits? Are red grapes ok? Shouldnt their antioxidants help reduce any bad effects of the dextrose? I also eat oranges, and dates (which are very high in the glycemic index, but give me much needed energy) Also ripe bananas, I am allergic to strawberries, kiwi, dark cherries, unboiled carrots, pears, and plums, so they are all out.

There aren't many low sugar fruits to choose from. Melons are moderate with respect to sugar levels. All of those fruits you listed are high in fructose. Fructose has been shown to significantly raise triglyceride levels, particularly in men. Fruit should be eaten infrequently as a treat, no more than one serving per day in my opinion.

Any tips?

I'm out of suggestions if you aren't interested in eating meat, poultry, or fish. What about unpasturized milk products like goats milk? I live in the country and there are several farms here where you can buy raw goats milk which isn't subjected to the high heat of pasturization. You might check with a local health foods store or farm feed supply store for availability of similar products in your area.

Is sour cream ok, and does it have alot of oxidized cholesterol/fat?

Like all commercial dairy products, sour cream is made from pasturized dairy, so it is susceptible to cholesterol oxidation. The fat in dairy products is primarily saturated which isn't subject to oxidation (saturated fat is stable with all of its bonds filled and is not easily attacked by oxygen).

Not sure if any of that helps, but with your very limited diet, there aren't many options.


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